Vishnu Temple

Situated at the foot of the hill, nearly 300 feet towards south of Kartikeya temple, is the temple of Shri Vishnu. It was constructed along with the main temple of Devdeveshwara i.e. that of Shiva.
The idol is 4.5 feet high and is made of dark black stone. It is said that it is made of Shaligram Shila from Gandki river. The colour and texture of the stone reflect the extraordinary nature of the stone.

The idol of Vishnu is extremely beautiful. According to the residents of Pune, it is one of the most beautiful pieces of workmanship. Serenity pervades the surroundings as you gaze at the austere and compassionate face of the Lord. It is rightly said that except the Idol of Shri Vitthal at Pandharpur, there is no idol which equals it in its beauty and majesty.

The stone, as said earlier, is Gandaki Stone, pitch black and with years of applying oil on it, the stone has acquired a fine polish. The face has such a fine glass finish that when rays of the sun touch the face of the Idol, it brightens up showing two dimples on its face. It looks as if the Lord is smiling. It is a masterpiece creation of the artist.

Vishnu’s twenty-four names are taken daily in the morning Sandhya (worship). On these twenty-four names, twenty-four forms have been given to the Vishnu by the Indian Iconologists. The only difference lies in how he holds the objects in his four hands i.e. the flower Lotus, the Counch (shamkha), the Chakra (whirling weapon) and the gada (maze). They are to be held in a particular way clockwise (Dakshinadhahkrama). Thus when an idol holds Gada, Chakra, Shankha & Padma, it is known as Madhava Moorti (idol). It is called so because it was installed by the Peshwa Shrimant Madhavarao, who showed maximum bravery and administrative skills.

Secret of the single idol

It is further believed that an equally beautiful idol Goddess Laxmi, spouse of Vishnu was also made. However, it could not reach this place of destination till the auspicious time of installation and hence the Peshwas took a firm decision to install only the Idol of Vishnu. Currently you can the almost all ancient idol of Vishnu in Peshwa Museum.

Vishnu Temple
The Laxmi Yantra
The Idol of Vishnu stands on the Laxmi Yantra. Yantra is a secret geometric form and inside the figure are embeded certain letters. The entire form is supposed to have certain secret magical powers. It is scientifically useful to have the Laxmi Yantra as the seat of Lord Vishnu’s Idol. It is also very auspicious for the owner of the temple as it is believed to bring wealth. The supreme Lord has four arms and holds four objects, Shankha (Conch), Chakra (whirling weapon), Gada (mace), and Padma (lotus). He is wearing the garland Vaijayanti, ornaments and the sacred thread. In front of the Lord Vishnu’s idol is the small temple of Garuda, the eagle-God and the vehicle of Lord Vishnu.

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